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Are you looking for a completely new electrical construction for your business, home, or office? Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to upgrade their internal electrical systems, or a developer looking to build something entirely new, our certified electricians are experts at their job and deliver fantastic quality at inexpensive prices.

Since Huntington Beach Electricians was founded, we have been able to provide commercial and residential customers with a complete range of electrical services. Although we are based in Huntington Beach, CA, we have also serviced plenty of clients outside of Huntington Beach proper around California. Our team is trained and ready to handle any urgency or project regardless of size and scope, and we give the utmost importance to quality and reliability in regards to electrical services.

As a team, we pride ourselves in making our services available 365 days a year. No matter what your electrical needs may be, Huntington Beach Electricians will not fail to deliver high quality service – every time. We serve clients with commercial or residential needs all over Huntington Beach, CA, and do incredible work at very reasonable prices for our beloved clients.

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Did you know that most residential houses have between five to ten distinct devices that need electricity run through them? New constructions can be difficult for this very reason; each of these devices require a particular electrical configuration, and can be optimized for efficiency and safety.

Additionally, our professionals are skilled at knowing which circuit breakers must be cut off for safety purposes before they do any work on a home’s wiring system or electrical infrastructure. This way they can ensure that you remain safe while they do all the hard work for you!

Huntington Beach Electricians can handle a wide range of other electrical issues as well! We can install lighting fixtures for your home or office space (including lamps, ceiling fans and wall sconces), rewire pre-existing electrical configurations, and consult with you on future projects.

As we’ve grown, we’ve added the finest local electricians that Huntington Beach, CA has to offer. Today, we have experienced electrical specialists who can deal with any kind of problem that may occur in your residence or business, whether it’s rewiring, new construction, or something else.

Our excellent team of electrical engineers can deliver our services without any hiccups. Alongside them are our standard electricians who will properly carry out their works and do it with utmost satisfaction. Therefore, if you need help when constructing your new home or business building, you can contact us for assistance immediately! We will do whatever it takes to make sure that your house or business is properly electrified and fully functional!

You name it – we will do it! Huntington Beach Electricians is unwavering in our commitment to our customers. We go above and beyond, and offer extraordinary client service at every step of the way.

Looking to get started? If you want high quality work for less, then reach out today! Simply give us a call and one of our new electrical construction specialists will be with you as soon as possible, and we can get your job started!

Huntington Beach Electricians FAQs

The best thing to do is call Huntinton Beach Electricians! Lights flicker when the level of power supplying the outlet is inconsistent. This could be home-wide, or wiring-specific. Storms can sometimes have an effect, but more often than not it will happen when bigger appliances draw from the system. The flickering can indicate that the wiring may be old or not up to code. It's best to get an inspection done. Call us on 657-238-1630 and we'll take care of it for you!

It essentially comes down to grounding. The third prong provides that grounding and offers additional protection in three ways -- to the system, to whatever is plugged in, and to you. There’s nothing wrong with two-pronged plugs, they just don't offer the same protection.

Please please don't. Call Huntington Beach Electricians and have licensed, insured, professional electrical contractor take the job off your hands. Otherwise you risk personal injury and damage to your home! Call us today on 658-238-1630.

We would recommend seriously considering it.

Surge Protectors prevent excess voltage in your system from damaging your appliances. Certain areas are particularly prone to power surges, but whether you experience them regularly or not, consider the cost of replacing all your appliances (after they get fried by a power surge) compared to the cost of installing surge protection... kind of a no-brainer right? Call us on 657-238-1630 for more information.

The main reason is because folks overload their power outlets by plugging in too many appliances that draw more electrical load than the system is designed to carry. The same can be said of tripped circuit breakers. Electric outlets always come with limitations which require careful consideration when deciding how to power your home.

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