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Huntington Beach Electricians is a family owned and operated, licensed and full-service electrical services company. We offer residential electrical services and commercial electrical services and we’re proud to serve the great community of Huntington Beach and the surrounding area, and we’ve been doing so for over twenty years. Even though the electrical contracting we undertake is often complex and requires expertise and attention to detail, we like to keep it simple when it comes to customer service -- be the safest, most reliable, most affordable electricians out there. That’s what we pledge to provide when we work with you. What it means for you is elite craftsmanship with a friendly smile.

If you think about it for even a couple of seconds, it’s mind blowing how much of our modern existence is dependent on the reliable and uninterrupted flow of electricity. All of our new technologies and gadgets are thirsty for that juice, let alone our appliances, which are becoming more and complex themselves as they get upgraded with AI -- smart fridges, smart TVs, smart pools and so on. All of these demands have slowly been increasing the amount of power each household requires to run smoothly, just as we, as a global community, become more and more aware of how many changes we need to make to how we consume power, in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. Having a really competent electrical contractor to guide you through this maze is kind of essential.

Just because we're blessed with the best weather in the world here in Huntington Beach and the warmth and power of the sun almost all year round, doesn't mean we don't need our interior power supply to be just as reliable! With power surges on the rise on one hand, and a move towards more eco-friendly electricity systems and materials on the other, it's important to take a balanced and conscientious approach to your electrical service needs. At Huntington Beach Electricians, we have the know-how, the skills and the smiles you're looking for, to guide you through it all!

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Electrician Near Me Huntington Beach CA

Electricians near meAre you tired of your poorly lit kitchen and bathroom, and have decided it’s time to pull the trigger on some lush under-cabinet lighting or sleek recessed lighting? Have you been dealing with too many power outages or surges, and you’re thinking it’s time to get those old panels and breakers checked out? Are you finally getting the renovations you’ve been dreaming about for a decade? Expanding your kitchen and living room and upgrading the value and livability of your family home? Integrating the old wiring with the new expansion can be a delicate needle to thread.

Or have you joined the ranks of the uber cool, got yourself a new Tesla and now you need an electric car charging station?!

No matter which of these scenarios are a match for you, no matter if you need a residential or commercial job done, our team of electrical service professionals are the ones you can bank on -- to get the job done right, safely, on time and on budget.

Electrical Installations
When you’re installing new electrical equipment, no matter how seemingly basic or simple the job, always be sure to partner with a licensed professional. You might be tempted to take a DIY approach… we don’t recommend it. Obviously the first issue is safety. Not just for you during the work, but also for your whole family moving forward. Shoddy electrical work can have far reaching consequences, whether it’s creating issues for the overall system, or creating danger zone hot spots for the kids when they’re playing in the basement or the room or wherever you’ve had a crack at some DIY magic. Nothing could be worse than that backfiring in a shower of sparks followed by a long blackout. So whether you're tweaking some errant fluorescents in the attic, or considering a full lighting switch overhaul, call Huntington Beach Electricians. Ceiling fans, electrical panels, switches, generators, new outlets, electric car charging stations... these are our bread and butter. We're waitng for your call!

Electrical Repairs
The blessings of home ownership are many. It’s a great feeling and a privilege to create a space in which to bring up your family, spend your weekends, building memories to last a lifetime. However, that ownership comes with some caveats. Things sometimes stop working. Or break. Or malfunction or misfire. And when one of those mishaps occurs within your electrical circuitry or due to an old or faulty electrical device, it can not only be stressful but dangerous. Electricity is no joke. Just ask our team of licensed electricians -- they take their safety and yours incredibly seriously. It’s why we have such a sterling reputation in the local industry. And it’s why you should turn to us when you need any kind of repairs done, big or small, on your property or within your business spaces. Also if there’s some detective work required to get to the bottom of a flickering light or inconsistent power supply, we love that too. Have us come past for a free consult, and we’ll begin the diagnosis process. Whether it’s your switches and outlets, your panels and breakers, smoke detectors, motion sensors, outdoor lighting, or basement lighting, we’re standing by to help locate, isolate and fix the problem.

We're blessed with an awesome quality of life here in Southern California, and we may be biased, but we think Huntington Beach is the jewel in the crown! The climate allows for an outdoor-centric lifestyle that many of us take advantage of, entertaining and spending time in our outdoor spaces well into the evenings. Which calls for the appropriate outdoor lighting design. Our team of experienced electricians have a plethora of great ideas and suggestions for how to bring your back yard to life after dark. But they won't just stop there. What about the fixtures in your family room that have been there since the mid-80s but you never got around to switching out? Or the food preparation area in your kitchen that is just a little too dim for your liking when you're wielding that forged Japanese steel on the way to crafting another gastronomic masterpiece? Sound like some under-cabinet lighting could be the answer there. Interior lighting or exterior lighting. Residential needs or commercial challenges -- we want to help you shed some light on the subject. Nothing can upgrade and elevate the feel of a space more rapidly and cheaply than a new approach to lighting. Let's talk about it! Call for a FREE CONSULTATION right now.

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Huntington Beach Electricians FAQs

The best thing to do is call Huntinton Beach Electricians! Lights flicker when the level of power supplying the outlet is inconsistent. This could be home-wide, or wiring-specific. Storms can sometimes have an effect, but more often than not it will happen when bigger appliances draw from the system. The flickering can indicate that the wiring may be old or not up to code. It's best to get an inspection done. Call us on 657-238-1630 and we'll take care of it for you!

It essentially comes down to grounding. The third prong provides that grounding and offers additional protection in three ways -- to the system, to whatever is plugged in, and to you. There’s nothing wrong with two-pronged plugs, they just don't offer the same protection.

Please please don't. Call Huntington Beach Electricians and have licensed, insured, professional electrical contractor take the job off your hands. Otherwise you risk personal injury and damage to your home! Call us today on 658-238-1630.

We would recommend seriously considering it.

Surge Protectors prevent excess voltage in your system from damaging your appliances. Certain areas are particularly prone to power surges, but whether you experience them regularly or not, consider the cost of replacing all your appliances (after they get fried by a power surge) compared to the cost of installing surge protection... kind of a no-brainer right? Call us on 657-238-1630 for more information.

The main reason is because folks overload their power outlets by plugging in too many appliances that draw more electrical load than the system is designed to carry. The same can be said of tripped circuit breakers. Electric outlets always come with limitations which require careful consideration when deciding how to power your home.

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